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Bombay Bicycle Club – Shoreditch House

Recipe for a perfect summer’s evening:

In a roof terrace, mix a couple of ice cold beers, with a dash on sunshine, sprinkle in a few synchronized swimmers, add a swimming pool and top with a Indie Rock band from Crouch End…

and VOILA – A beautiful moment in time is born with a beautiful set from the Bombay Bicycle Club…


  Shoreditch house put on a wonderful show for its members by inviting us to a pool side show of the Bombay Bicycle Club. Sat among friends and other members sipping Ice Cold drinks by the poolside – Bombay Bicycle Club took to the stage.

Mixing guitar, synth, dancing and vocals that intertwined themselves between the  last of the summer rays – people flocked to the poolside to dance, tap and clap to the set that ensued.

The tambourine was a shaking, people’s hand were clapping and my foot was tapping as the BBC took us through a set that eased you into the end of the weekend.

As the set drew to an end and our souls full of summer indie vibes the band invited out some special guests!


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12 11 10 9 8 7 6


The crowd went wild as the girls threw themselves in the air in pure synchronicity!

The splashes were high as the excitement grew!

Too add to all the show – the ladies had a little added extras as Jack Steadman stripped down to his smalls and dived in followed by a fully clothed Ed Nash

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A great evening of ENTERTAINMENT!


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