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The key to life is Balance

Working in a fast-paced, digital and stressful environment can take its toll on your mind body and soul. This is a platform to share experiences from working in the media landscape and tips I apply to keeping balanced.

I am not a professional but I do follow these practices myself. Take what you need and merely see it as advice. If you are struggling with something that is deeper please do seek professional help. These are merely guidelines.
Live life balanced


Easy Ways To Wake Up Early When You’re Not a Morning Person

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Rising early when you’re not an early riser

Have you ever had that class you would like to attend but seen it starts at 6am so immediately know it ain’t gonna happen?

Have you ever had heart palpitations as you know you need to get up early but that time of day just mentally doesn’t exist in your mind?

There are different kinds of people in this world – from the early bird who love an early morning to the night owl – but due to the way the world works life just doesn’t take these into account. Sometimes, we have to be pushed out of our natural rhythms due to a work commitment of a social engagement.

easy ways to wake up early, sunrise, waking up early, Cyntra in the city, cyncity, stress-free blogger

Early Bird or Night Owl

Of the two, I am an early bird and I am fully aware of how rising early when you’re not a natural early riser can be really daunting. Therefore, I thought I would share with you my tips to rising early and getting that early morning without the tiring consequences.

easy ways to wake up early, sunrise, waking up early, Cyntra in the city, cyncity, stress-free blogger

Get to bed early – You still need 8 hours!

I would recommend starting to do this a week or so before you need to as it’s not just that easy. Start by zoning out from technology about 2 hours before bed. The blue light stimulates our minds and prevents us from fully switching off. There are a number of apps you can use to reduce the blue light on your phone – for a comprehensive list check out this link.

Think like a child and have a relaxing bath and put on a bed time podcast (story). A warm drink or caffeine free tea often helps me. My favourite has always been Pukka Night Time Tea, which you can find in all local food stores.

Reading is also a fantastic way to wind down. Lose your mind into the depths of the pages and you will often find yourself nodding off. My preference is a hard copy over a phone/ kindle – as getting your eyes away from the technology is pivotal for winding down.

Read more about Pukka Herbs here

Early Morning, Cyntra Charlesworth, Cyncity, Cyntra in the city

A gentle and increasing alarm

You may think you will sleep through your alarm but if you choose an alarm, which starts gently and slowly increases, you will find you naturally start to awake from slumber.

You may be thinking… that ain’t gonna work for me! I used to live with a friend who’s alarm was loud enough to wake the street and she still slept through it. But try this and set a few alarms in increments of you think you may sleep through.

Arise slowly, wiggle your fingers and toes and smile. Works a treat.

Go and make a warm lemon water and sit by a window or go outside if it is warm – the natural light is what your body is craving.


Let’s be serious… I am human

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Circadian Rhythm

I have mentioned above my top tips, however, you do need to take into account your circadian rhythm. This rhythm is impacted by whether you’re an early bird or night owl as it will affect when you feel most alert and most drowsy through the day.

Therefore, bare in mind that it can be a lot harder to change when you are going against your natural groove.

Early morning are a part of life and I do hope that these little tips may give you something for the toolbox that will ease you into the morning next time you have an early start.

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How To Make Hard Decisions | Lifestyle

Making hard decisions, cyncity, cyntra in the city, cyntra charlesworth

Life is full of hard decisions.

When a big decision comes around it can leave us paralysed with what to do when weighing out the outcomes.

Indecision, sometimes, can be as hard as making the decision itself. It can leave you riddled with anxiety and immovable with moving forward.

Speaking from my own experience, I personally do not like change. In fact, I am often resistant to it. I am guilty of asking for other people’s opinions rather than making my own. However, in hindsight I often find out that my initial gut feeling was the right one anyway.

I may not know all the answers but here is my way of dealing with coming to the right decision when times seem tough.

How To Make Hard Decisions


Take time. If you feel people are pressuring you for an answer be firm and let them know you need time. I often find that sleeping on a decision allows you to digest and find your truth. Like with most things, a good night sleep can give you clarity and stop you from making a rash decision.

Weigh up the Pros and Cons of the decision

The good old pros and cons list is a fantastic weapon when coming to an answer when you are not sure. Instead of breaking down different factors into negatives and positives, break it down into your values, truths and ambitions.

Will it get you to where you need to be?

Will it bring you joy?

Will it be tough at first but give you reward?

Do not merely break things down into plus and minus as sometimes something which is tough in the long term can be more rewarding.

Hard decisions, cyncity, cyntra in the city, how to make hard decisions

Think passed the decision

Similar to the above, sometimes most people will only think about the near future but not long term. For example, one answer could cause a huge upheaval in your life, bring about change and be quite challenging but in 6 months time be the best decision you have ever made.

Think forward, remove your mind from the here and now, and truly try and take an umbrella view. You never know what you may see in the future.

Ask for advice from a Friend/ Family

Your friends and family are your trusted committee who know you best. They may be able to guide and support you through the decision making process and help you find your answer. Alternatively, you can sometimes find by hearing what someone else thinks reinforces your own opinion if you disagree with them…

Cyntra, Cyntra Charlesworth, Hard decisions

Trust your Gut feeling

Trust your gut. It is your second brain and is powerful for detecting your innermost voice. We all have had that moment when something doesn’t feel right…learn to trust it.

Whatever your decision is, remember, you can always change your mind. The wonderful thing about today is that we are in a dynamic society, which, is constantly metamophosing into something different. Nothing is forever, so know that even if it doesn’t work out, you can always take a new route.

Remember, life is going to be full of hard decisions, some we will make right, others wrong but always know that every decision you make you will learn from it.

Be the driver of your own life.

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Healthy Energizing Snacks | Stress-Free Snacks

Healthy Energizing Snacks Cyntra Charlesworth Stress Free Blogger Healthy Snacks sandows cold brew

Stress-Free Energizing Office Snacks

Looking for a healthy energising boost which is actually good for you? Well here are my top suggestions!

  1. Pre Workout Boost/11am kickstart

If you have been checking in on my Instagram stories you would have seen Sandows Cold Brew featured quite often.

This delicious cold brew coffee is delicious, strong and full of no nasties. I have never been one for cold coffee – but these guys changed my mind.

I have been drinking a can first thing in the morning before my workout and have noticed the following;

No dehydration

Better concentration

Wide awake but no shakes

Performing better

Lifting heavier

Running Faster

And all over better performance!

The original and citrus are my favourite flavours! Would highly recommend.

Use this discount code: SANDOWS_FAM for a little gift from me to you!

Healthy Energizing Snacks Healthy Summer Office Snacks Sandows Cold Brew Coffee

2. Post Lunch Grumble

We all have that moment – usually around 3pm – when the post-lunch grumble in the stomach appears.

Don’t let the sugar cravings overrun you – reach for something tasty with none of the crap you get from some usual shop bought snacks. Real Handful has created a tasty treat which combines all the yumminess of nuts and fruit with a splash of sweetness with a hint of chocolate.

All the free’s you expect (dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan) but with all the flavour to keep you satisfied!

Cyntra Charlesworth Stress Free Blogger Healthy Snacks

3. After Work Gym Sesh

Tired, grumpy and the last thing you want to do is go to the gym. Many of us reach for a coffee at this time which can result in being pumped and affecting our sleep! Instead, reach for Tenzing a delicious natural energy booster!

Filled with natural goodness, this drink is ethically sourced and sustainably produced to bring you a drink that is not loaded with sugar when you need that extra boost!

Click here to find out more!

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How I Reduced My Daily Plastic Use With One Change | Keep Cup

Plastic Free Keep Cup Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Reducing Plastic

Plastic consumption is at the forefront of the news. Since the wonderful David Attenborough delved deep into the destruction that this easy to come by single-use product has on our environment we have seen a significant shift to reduce plastic consumption.

Plastic, is, unfortunately everywhere.

According to Fauna & Flora Org,

Plastic is accumulating in the world’s oceans at a staggering rate. An estimated eight million tons of plastic – the equivalent of over 26,600 Boeing 747 planes – are swept into our seas and oceans every single year, mainly via rivers and coastal urban centres.

So what can we do as individuals to reduce our own plastic footprint and join the movement to get rid of this toxic by-product of society?

USE CODE: CYNTRA for a 15 % discount at Cru Kafe

Keep Cup

I am a coffee lover! Any of you who follow me on IG will know this. If you want to reduce your plastic consumption in one simple and effective move – get a keep cup.

“When auditing office waste, it’s common for us to see bins with 20% disposable cups. Keep Cup is a great way to reduce the use of disposable cups, given they are recyclable!”
Great Forest, Environmental Consultants

Disposable cups, made from paper or plastic, demonstrate a significant problem for our environment.

The vast number of disposable cups ending up in landfill puts unnecessary pressure on our natural resources to manufacture and transport them. Single-use disposable cups are definitely not the biggest perpetrator destroying the environment, but they are a clear demonstration of how convenience and consumption have become increasingly out of control.

USE CODE: CYNTRA for a 15 % discount at Cru Kafe

How can I reduce my Plastic consumption?

This year, I invested in a Keep Cup from Cru Kafe, to make one small step to helping reduce my plastic consumption.

Plastic Free Keep Cup Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Cute, stylish and the perfect long black/ flat white size… this Cru Kafe Keep Cup was very handy indeed. Made of glass you do need to be a little careful, but in saying that, I have not had a single issue with breakages.

By simply making this one small step, as an individual, I am able to make my difference in the overall reduction of plastic use in my day-to-day life.

USE CODE: CYNTRA for a 15 % discount at Cru Kafe

Keep Cup Pros

The Cru Kafe Keep Cup is small and chic. Wrapped with cork for the perfect grip, it actually was much nicer to sip my morning java from a weighted cup rather than a flimsy piece of paper which, at any point, could spill. We have all been there when the coffee somehow manages to jump out of that sipping hole at the smaller nudge of a stranger.

It is hard to reduce your plastic consumption when supermarkets are incessantly wrapping everything in it! By using a Keep Cup, you are able to simply make that small steps toward big change the world needs to tackle this terrible by-product of man.

Simple; use, wash and re-use. Fundamentally, taking any unwarranted stress out of this small change.

9/10 the barista will be more than happy to fill your cup (and often give it a wash for you) with a cheeky grin on their cheeks. There is something about knowing you’re trying to help the environment which just warms people to you.

USE CODE: CYNTRA for a 15 % discount at Cru Kafe

Plastic Free Keep Cup Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Keep Cup Cons

Yes, you do have to carry it around. Therefore, if you are the type of person who doesn’t carry a bag, then I would recommend purchasing a Keep Cup to keep at your desk.

Wait until you have reached the office before your morning brew and take the cup with you. It may even make you think twice about grabbing that £3 cup of magic on your way in and save you some money.

You will sometimes forget it. Often, I will leave it by the kitchen sink, or run out the office and only when I am about to make my order realise I have left my Keep Cup at my desk.

In the beginning, I would quite often find the odd coffee shop who would look at me like I asked them the most bemusing question. A little animosity, as if I was putting them out, or breaching some form of health and safety. However, I am finding now that most coffee shops are now on board.

USE CODE: CYNTRA for a 15 % discount at Cru Kafe

Where to buy a Keep Cup?

You can find Keep Cups in most coffee shops now. I personally bought mine from my favourite coffee company Cru Kafe. You can find the link here: Keep Cup 

Depending on whether you like a big coffee or small but I would recommend the small size for ease of use.

USE CODE: CYNTRA for a 15 % discount at Cru Kafe

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Natural Ways To Keeping Stress Free | Lifestyle

Cleanse & Detox - Cleanse Nurture Restore

Are you sick and tired of well always being sick and tired?

I am!

Stress can impact us all in many different ways and it can creep up on us out of nowhere. With stresses lurking around every corner it is understandable we feel this way!

Living in a town and city there are ‘stresses’ everywhere. Rush hour in the morning, constant digital activity, sirens, crowds, coffee, too many things on our plate, notification after notification and the fact that life just keeps us – well – busy.

Many of the things listed above can’t go away. We all need to go to work, live our day to day lives and balance work + play – that is the way life is. However, there are small ways we can support our body to ensure that when the going gets tough we are prepared.

The Perfect Blend Pukka Herbs Are you sick of being stressed out

Natural Ways To Keeping Stress Free!

I thought I would share my top natural ways to keep stress free and hope that by introducing some simple swaps you can #girlboss your way into each week!

1) Meditation

The buzz word at the moment…but it works.

A simple technique practised for as few as 10 minutes per day can help you control stress, decrease anxiety, improve cardiovascular health, and achieve a greater capacity for relaxation.

If you have never done it before I would recommend Headspace or Buddhify. Great apps for guiding you and they have different meditations depending on how you feel. You have to pay £4.99 for Buddhify but I would definitely recommend the purchase.

Peace And Harmony Pukka

2) Herbal Supplements

– Ashwagandha

Last year by a friend who introduced me to Ashwagandha. This root has been used for centuries to help those with adrenal and nervous system problems. Research shows that this root calms and energises and helps us adapt to stress in our modern day lives. I rRecommend: Pukka Ashwagandha

– Turmeric

Happiness is one thing you can never get enough of, and curcumin found in turmeric plays a powerful role in getting and keeping your mood high. Turmeric has also been linked to protecting against sleep deprivation, therefore if you find that you are a night worrier, including this herb/spice into your diet can boost your overall zen.

I find the best way to slip this little spice in my daily diet is via a supplement (again Pukka) or this delicious Turmeric Latte by Wunder Workshop

Turmeric Latte CynCity







3) Get Outside

Out of the office, out of the city or just out for a lunch time. Moving your body and breathing in fresh air is good for the soul. You will find that any stressful encounter or phone call can leave you ready to burst but a 10 minute walk around

You will find that any stressful encounter or phone call can leave you ready to burst but a 10-minute walk with some deep breaths can restore you back to a normal place.

Ideally, if you can get to the great outdoors! Get some quality fresh air, long walks, good food and peace & quiet – Hygge if you will – you will reset ready to tackle the year head on!

Roses Pukka Last Chapter Cleanse Nurture Restore

4) Regular Massage

Massage can work wonders when you’re stressed out. We hold a lot of tension in our bodies and having someone work out those knots can really loosen you up.

One of my favourite apps to use is Urban Massage – you type in what massage you want, choose your therapist and they come to your home!! Yes! So after a long day all you need to do is get home, get comfy and let the professionals do the work.

If you sign up using the link on my home page… you’ll also get a £10 off your first massage 😉

The images in this blog came from Cleanse, Nurture, Restore with Herbal Tea by Sebastian Pole of Pukka Herbs – I would highly recommend a read!

I hope you enjoy my little tips. These are genuine tricks which I use to maintain my cool and ride through the stressful times. We all go through them and finding little coping mechanisms can truly ease you through.


5 Ways to Cure Sore Muscles after the Gym

Do your muscles ache the day after the gym?

Struggle with the stairs?

Does it put you off going the next day?

5 Ways to Cure Sore Muscles after the Gym

Here are 5 tricks I use to make sure I keep on track of my workouts and to keep those sore muscles at bay.


This one is a bit of a no-brainer. You must replace the water lost in workouts so your body continues to function. When you put your body under stress it needs to be consistently hydrated.
Make sure you are getting at least 2 litres of water a day. You can make this more funky by having herbal teas (my favourite are Pukkaany flavour) or by putting lemon and mint in your water to add flavour!

5 Ways to Cure Sore Muscles after the Gym

Foam Rolling

Foam Rolling lets you roll out those tight muscles. This is crucial when training with weights when your muscles are getting stronger. Foam Rolling allows you to take the pressure deeper – really working into those tighter areas. This allows you to work the tightness and get you back in the weights section quicker.
If you don’t have time to foam roll in the gym (plus you can look and sound very strange when you find the tighter spots)

I recommend buying a roller for home and spending 20 minutes when catching up on your favourite show.


There will be times, especially when starting a new routine, when you may need to bring in a professional.

Massage not only makes you feel better and relax but it also helps with muscle recovery. Knots and tightness can really impact your workout – so getting a professional to relieve the pressure can really help.

Having a massage can really help you identify injuries or potential problems which could be exacerbated by certain exercises.

I recently have been having trouble with my legs and neck. My neck and legs were stiff, sore and it was affecting my sleep.

I was recommended to get a massage ASAP!

I booked a sports massage to my house (amazing – I know!) using Urban Massage App!

The masseuse worked through all the layers easing the tension. I had no idea how tight some of the larger muscle groups were. Her hands were magic and by the end of the massage, my muscles had melted.

If you don’t have the time to go to a spa or are nervous about booking a massage – try using Urban Massage App
I have the app on my phone and have now started booking massages every couple of months to help re-align from training

For a little treat click here and get 10% off your First Massage!

Warm Bath

Grab those Epsom Salts and Lavender Oil and fill up the bath with warm/hot water and soak those muscles. If you have time the optimum time to relax those muscles and detoxify is 30-40mins.

If you find it hard to sit still for that long and wind down… take in a good book or listen to a podcast while you unwind.

5 Ways to Cure Sore Muscles after the Gym


The vital ingredient to any recovery!

No excuses: if you are not getting 8 hours you are not allowing your body to recover.

Sleep and hydration allow your body to work at its best.

Switch off your phone, turn off the tv, get into bed an hour early and read…meditate…relax and wind down and give yourself enough time to get in those 8 hours.

5 Ways to Cure Sore Muscles after the Gym

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5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating

Stress-Free Lifestyle Tips

You’re sat at your desk and all of a sudden your inbox is full to the brim, that colleague of yours is constantly asking questions, your boss is putting pressure on you… not to mention all the washing, chores and other odds and sods waiting for you at home.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating


You thought this week would be the week you start eating healthy and ditching the crap. You’ve realised you skipped breakfast for the caramel latte and all of a sudden its 11 am and you’re stressed, hungry and about 10 seconds from hitting the vending machine!


Here are some top tips of how to stop emotional and mindless eating at work.

Say “No” and Supply Alternative

Stop yourself.

Pause and say to yourself – will this sugary sensation help?

Will it get me closer to getting my jeans to feel comfortable?

Will it make my day less stressful?

Saying no means sometimes eating what you know will make you happy later on even when you really want chocolate cake now. 

Fill your bag and desk full of healthy alternatives. Pull out those carrot sticks and homemade hummus.

Go and get a glass of water or make a cup of tea. Get up and go for a walk. Distract that pang and focus on what will truly make you happy.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating

Healthy office snacks

Chocolate Won’t Make Stress Go Away

The sweet sensation of sucking on a piece of chocolate may make you have a few minutes of taste but this will be followed by a sugar rush.

You will have a brief period of increased energy followed by a severe low.

You may even go through the guilt cycle of “I shouldn’t have had that” “I was supposed to have a healthy week” etc etc.

Sugar is never the answer to a stressful situation – in fact, it can make it a thousand times worse.

Find out what is triggering your stress at that moment. Pause. Take 5 minutes to deal with it. Acknowledge the want for the chocolate and then let it go.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating


Don’t want to eat like a rabbit? Then don’t!

Unless you love salad, in which case, crack on, however, if you’re like the majority of the human race, we associate eating lettuce leaves with “being on a diet” and that automatically makes you feel restricted.

Instead, fill your lunchbox with some delicious whole food recipes. Try new things. Find out what you like and try out something off the wall. Get some new recipe books in and have a research.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating


Love Your Body Its The Only One You’ve Got

Right now is your prime! This second is the youngest you will remember.

You will look back at photos and look at this time and wish you still had that youth. When mindlessly eating or feeling stressed out and grazing… think about the future.


You are what you eat and you will want your body to be full of the most nourishing foods out there.

Think skin: avocados

Think hair: coconut

Think body: lean protein and these triggers will guide you

Think Cellulite… yes vending machine I am looking at you!

Pip N NutGet Support From Your Friends

Making the right choices can sometimes be hard if people around you are not making the same choices. Share with a friend.

Make yourself accountable to someone at work… someone who can stop you mindlessly reaching for the 3 pm biscuit tin, or when you’re out for coffee saying the no-way to the Hazelnut Latte!

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating

Beetroot Hummus

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Is Massage Good For You?


This week I have been thinking a lot about massage. Not the cheeky ones you pinch off your other half – I mean the sports, Thai and deep tissue offered around. Most of us have had a massage at some point in our lives – usually as a treat at a spa weekend or when we manage to coerce our partners into giving us a little back rub but have you ever considered the benefits of this little treat?

Why is massage good for you?

Research suggests that regular massages are actually very important to our bodies. They help relieve stress, aid with inflammation and can actively help promote health and well-being.

Our poor little backs take on so much pressure from our day to day lives. We rarely get the opportunity to look after our back because we cannot reach it ourselves. Unlike the rest of our body, we cannot reach all areas of our back which consist of some of the biggest muscles in the body.

 So let’s have a look at what regular massage can do for our bodies…

  • Back Ache – Regular massage can help with rehabilitating back problems. Sitting at a desk all day and using computers puts a strain on our neck and shoulders. Many of us do not sit correctly at a desk and do not get the opportunity to move around. This can lead to poor posture and muscle strain. Regular massage can release the muscles that become tight over time. This makes you feel less tired and relieve the aches that you may be feeling on a day to day basis


  • Stress and anxiety – For the same reasons that a massage is relaxing, it can also soothe anxiety and depression. Massage reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, resulting in lifted spirits and often lower blood pressure. It can also boost the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which are involved in depression.

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Is Massage Good For You?

  • Weight-loss and Performance – Spending time in the gym lifting weights and doing HIIT can often lead to fatigue and muscle ache. When you have muscle ache your performance in the gym goes down by about 40%. Regular massage and sports massage can relieve muscle tension and elongate the tight muscles. This then allows you to push harder, faster and stronger in the gym and stay committed to your goals

Is Massage Good For You?

  • Sleep – For those who have had a massage – ever fallen asleep while on the table? Research suggests that massage promotes deeper sleep as it has an impact on your delta waves (the waves associated with a deep sleep)


  • Immunity and lymphatic drainage – Regular massage helps with lymphatic drainage. The lymph system carries waste products away from the tissues in the muscles and body back to the heart. Regular massage also helps with the build up of toxins in certain muscles in the body and breaks these toxins down in order that they can flush out of the system. It’s also great if you have PMT!

Massage should be a regular occurrence in our lives – much like getting a facial!

However, if you are like and are thinking – I don’t have the time or money to find a good massage place near me. Or you may be worried about having a wonderful massage and then having to commute home – adding more stress to your day… well I have a little treat for you…

Let me introduce to you Urban Massage

Urban Massage is London’s top-rated mobile massage company. They deliver a range of professional massages on-demand, direct to your home and the best news is that they can be with you within the hour. You can choose your preferred treatment and therapist as well as treatment length, date and time.

What else is also great… you can get £20 off your first massage using this code: 


I’ve been using this company a long time and I absolutely love them. They are a small company in London made up of a really cool team. They go above and beyond for customer satisfaction and will make you feel comfortable in any surrounding.

Free those muscles release your back and love your body. Make massage a regular part of your health and well-being. When work is taking it out of you, you need to take time out for yourself.

Happy Massaging.


5 Tips to Find a Work-Life Balance to Succeed in Your Profession

5 Tips to Find a Work-Life Balance to Succeed in Your Profession

Today’s industries are usually fast-paced, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of becoming a workaholic. Successfully juggling work with your hobbies and social life seems to be so difficult these days that it could qualify as an Olympic sport.

Paradoxically, this obsession with work makes a person counter-productive. Studies suggest work-related depression and anxiety is on the rise, resulting in lower productivity levels. A survey about the British workforce revealed that 12.5 million business days were lost in 2017 due to work-related stress, depression, and anxiety, and burnout from workload was one of the main causes.

In other words, a lot of employees know how to work hard, but not all know how to work smart. Maintain your productivity with these tips and get your work-life balance in check.

1. Make sleep a priority

Most goal-getters would think getting enough sleep is expendable. In truth, however, performance soars when a person gets a good night’s sleep, and Leesa has listed the reasons why sleep is important: well-rested people are less stressed, more creative, and more likely to enjoy healthy habits like exercising.

Generally, people with sufficient sleep are happier; and happy people prove to be better workers. Media strategist Danielle Sabrina delved into the correlation between the positive emotion and productivity, stating that a happy organisation has mutual respect, support, and appreciation among its members. All of this results to a collaborative work culture.

2. Start the day right

A good start is the best way to a good finish. Taking control of the first few hours of the day carries out into how the rest of your day will go. Forbes revealed that the most successful people start their day with a personalised routine, motivating them for the day’s work and improving their mood even during the toughest of work days.

Cyntra in the city

3. Stop trying to do everything in a day

A good way to plan the day is to identify and/or write the top tasks that must be accomplished and commit to completing them, with no excuses. By applying priority levels to your tasks, the mind can concentrate on what’s important without being frazzled by an overload of other lesser responsibilities, leading to more work is done in less time.

4. Do work at the workplace, and nowhere else

One of the most crucial rules for the best work-life balance is to not take work home. Separating professional from personal spaces gives you that much-needed room to breathe once out of the office. Simple habits like turning off all work notifications on devices after business hours, or removing all work-related items from a home space, keep you more relaxed. This way, you’re eliminating the unnecessary stress from the visual reminders of your job. It also helps you focus more on accomplishing work within the designated working hours, and ultimately prevents burnout.

5. Remember to invest in a social life

It’s important to have consistent reminders that there’s life outside of work. The Muse suggests scheduling recurring social activities, such as weekly dinner dates with friends, or a monthly book club. Planning a social life around work instead of the other way around provides a person with a source of enjoyment from something other than work-related success, and an avenue to blow off steam if the work week didn’t go as planned.

You can do anything not everything

All things considered, achieving a good work-life balance has a lot to do with perspective. Things like adequate sleep, morning routines, and leisure spaces might be simple for some people, but the combined impact of these minute details can effectively boost work productivity. Ultimately, success in your profession not only lies in how much work you can accomplish in a day but also in how you improve yourself on a holistic level.

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