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Work to Play Style
This category hosts all my style hacks to go from work to play without stress.
I’ll share my favourite athleisure brands with you. Athleisure is so stylish these days you really can wear it out and about. My favourite are styles you can do your morning yoga session in and head straight to brunch
Work style can be a bit of a minefield. Finding the right combination of style, practicality and presence. I hope my style shares showcase my favourite style tips to make life stress free when getting ready for work.

From hair, beauty, shoes and shirts – keeping my lifestyle stress free is key.
Running from work to play should not mean carrying a constant change of clothes and feeling like a bag lady. I’ll share my little tips for running from work to play with minimal stress and maximum impact!

Stress Free Style

The Perfect Job Interview Style To Make A Good Impression | Balance

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Over the past few months, lots of you have sadly lost your jobs and gone looking for new ones. Thankfully, your luck has changed, and you have a few interviews lined up. Whether these are virtual or in-person, you have one burning question: how do you dress for a job interview?

It’s all about making a good impression, showing your personality and making the best first memory possible.

Here are a few style tips that can give you an extra boost and help you make an excellent first impression:

Keep it neutral

Do your research – find out what the company culture is like. Use their socials: Instagram/ Facebook/ LinkedIn to get an understanding of what the company culture and dress code is like. Last thing you want to do is turn up in a suit when the interviewee is in a t-shirt and jeans. 

Instead, keep things very neutral and use your personality, not your look, to make that first impression.

Be careful with your accessories

Accessories can make or break your job interview outfit. If you wear loads of jewellery and have lots of accessories, it doesn’t look too great. They can be too much of a distraction, causing the interviewer to have a negative view of you. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wear any accessories at all!

A pair of simple earrings can look very classy and elegant, making you look like a boss. If you look at, you’ll find loads of glasses that can perfect your look! Glasses give off an aura of intelligence, instantly making you seem more professional. Even if you don’t need them to see, you can get some without prescription lenses to complete your look. I also think that a nice watch will create a fantastic impression and solidify yourself as someone that means business.

 The Perfect Job Interview Style To Make A Good Impression

Wear comfortable shoes

If you’ve got a virtual interview, you can ignore this tip. It’s only relevant if your lower body is on show! A lot of women will wear high heels to interviews as a way of commanding a dominant presence. There’s no denying that you look and feel like a badass when you’re in heels. It makes you seem more impressive, particularly as you look a bit taller. However, my counterpoint is that heels are very uncomfortable and hard to walk in. If you haven’t mastered the art of walking in heels, it could lead to some embarrassing moments. You don’t want to hobble around or walk really slowly while you’re in the interview building. The people might think you look a bit strange and overly nervous. As such, they dismiss you as someone that can’t handle pressure, so won’t be fit for the job. 

Opt for trousers over a dress/skirt

Dresses and skirts can be smart and professional when worn correctly. However, there’s something about trousers that just gives off professional vibes. So, when a you rock up in a suit, people will take notice.

It’s a power move that shows them you are a professional woman that’s here to be taken seriously. These days, you can get some gorgeous fitted trousers and blazers that will hug your figure while still being appropriate for an interview. Don’t feel you have to look frumpy or be ill-fitted – there is something so chic about introducing this look into your style.

The Perfect Job Interview Style To Make A Good Impression

Wear a smile

Ok, this isn’t a piece of fashion advice, but it is worth paying attention to! Wearing a smile on your face is one of the easiest ways to make people like you. Smiling makes other people smile, which instantly triggers responses in their brain. It’s almost like you’re tricking someone into feeling happy. When they feel happy, they’ll obviously think of you in a positive manner.

Smiling also shows that you are excited about the opportunity and feel really relaxed. Everyone gets nervous during a job interview, but the trick is to mask these nerves and make it seem like you’re happy to be there. It will impress the interviewer as they’re expecting you to be stressed and anxious, but you don’t seem phased. It shows that you can handle tough situations – which they like!

Feel free to use all of these tips when dressing for your big job interviews. Don’t bother buying loads of different outfits for each interview; you can attend them all in the same one. Find an outfit that you feel comfortable in, and it will help you create an unforgettable first impression.


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Stress Free Style

The Perfect Winter Watch | Style

Ohh it is getting chilly outside! Who knew – cold in Australia!

When the seasons change, I love to embrace that freshness that gets breathed into your life as you adapt to the change in temperature. It gives you an opportunity to spring clean your wardrobe, mentality and current situation and adapt to a new look, view and future.

JORD: Maple Fieldcrest

Winter Style

As the Northern hemisphere opens their doors to Summer, in the Southern Hemisphere Winter is here. I love Winter for the colours, the coolness and the warm snuggly feeling you get as you wrap your body in layers. 

I love to pair warm colours with natural fibres; embracing the season for its natural shift in colours. A creature of habit, I often will stick to the same accessories, however, my new JORD (pronounced YOAD) has snuck into my style sheet for this fall.

JORD Watches

The Maple FIELDCREST watch is made of all natural wood. The blonde hue really brings back reminiscence of warmer sunnier days as a constant reminder through Winter that the sun will be back.

JORD create beautiful pieces for both men and women, using natural materials in varying styles to suit most looks. The watches come beautifully packaged with a little oil to keep the wood in good condition.

Wooden Wrist Watch

~ Most watch backplates can be engraved! All Cedar humidor presentation boxes are engravable as well!

~ The watches may be sized for the recipient

~Most watches have additional options for customization–mixing and matching faces and woods!

~ Every watch comes with a one year warranty and options for return & exchange

~ Free worldwide standard shipping!

This little time piece (yes pun definitely intended) and other equally beautiful wooden creations can be found on JORD website.

This post was in collaboration with JORD – but all of the opinions and choices are my own x

Stress Free Style

How To Get Thick And Luscious Hair

CyncityEver feel like your hair is brittle, snapping or just a little bit tired? We put our locks through so much. From straightening, pollution, styling and brushing, it is no wonder that sometimes our hair starts to feel limp and lifeless.

Thick And Luscious Hair

I have been lucky in the gene pool where I have a lot of hair. That is not to say it is thick. However, recently my hair has done a 360 and I am now seeing it grow faster, longer and THICKER!

I am not one for keeping secrets… so lean in and I’ll tell you what I have been doing.

Tom Oliver Nutrition

I have started taking supplements.

Alongside looking after your locks from the outside you also need to look after them from the inside.

My trusted hairdresser Ricky Walters, from Salon 64 London, introduced me a month ago to a supplement which has started to transformed my hair.

Tom Oliver Nutrition

Omega 3 Herring Caviar by Tom Oliver Nutrition

Omega 3 Herring Caviar, ethically produced from herring caviar, is rich in vitamin A, an essential ingredient for improving the elasticity and quality of healthy hair follicles. A recent study showed that Omega 3 Herring Caviar is 3 x better absorbed than normal fish oil, making it the ideal supplement choice to encourage a rapid improvement in hair strength and thickness.

When I started using it, I knew it would take a while to work as supplementation is not an instant fix. However, I started to notice my nails becoming stronger and my hair became shinier. This was after 4 weeks.

How To Get Thick And Luscious Hair

Six weeks later, I have started to get comments from my friends that my hair has grown longer.

I only recommend products when I notice a difference and these supplements are on my list.

One of the best things I can also say about them, unlike other Omega 3s, they do not leave you with that repeating flavour that other fish oils can give.

If you want to try them yourself, you can find them online here: Tom Oliver Nutrition or in Soho at Salon 64

 For More Stress-Free Style Tips Click Here: Style

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Stress-Free Guide Colorado | What to Wear In Colorado In Winter

What to wear in Colorado

Stress-Free Guide of what to wear in Colorado:

Colorado is one of those beautiful areas in the World to visit. Surrounded by 54 snowy peaks, the Rocky mountains, are a haven for skiers, hikers and those who love the great outdoors.

The weather in Colorado is mixed, which can often make it difficult to know what to pack if you haven’t been before. With this in mind, I thought I would pull together a small list of things to bring when visiting Colorado.

what to wear in colorado


Colorado is cold but the sun does shine. You can be met with below freezing temperatures at nights, icy winds but also glorious sunshine. With this in mind – take layers. It gives you the flexibility to add and subtract as necessary to fit the temperatures throughout the day.

what to wear in colorado

I found these incredible Thermal Set from Amazon which kept the body temperature balanced and simple and stylish enough to go with most outfits.


Hats, Scarves, Shades and Gloves. You can save space in your suitcase by varying up your accessories to transform your outfit without having to over pack.

what to wear in colorado

As it is a cold area, your suitcase will fill up quickly with coats, sweaters and ski-wear – so mix up your outfits by changing the accessories to breathe life into each new outfit.

Shades are a must with the bright sun reflecting off the snow. It may be freezing but you will still need protection.


Day + night – sweaters are the way forward. Bring a couple of smart and casual ones to suit.

The restaurant and bars are smart casual therefore dressing suitably for après ski is advisable.

I filled my suitcase with this white thick knits from Miss Pap and Topshop.

Pair it with jeans, leggings or chinos depending on the occasion and you’re good to go.

what to wear in colorado

Evening Wear

In Europe, you will quite often meet people on an evening out still in their ski wear. This is a no-no in Colorado.

what to wear in colorado

With beautiful restaurants and bars – people dress for dinner. Casual sweaters, nice jeans, ankle boots or heels are the appropriate attire when heading to the towns for supper and drinks. If there is not too much snow you can even wear heeled boots if you really want to dress up.


Hiking boots: Surrounded by such beautiful trails – you will want to get out for a hike. Make sure you bring appropriate walking boots – preferably those that are waterproof in order that if you are walking through the snow you don’t get wet feet.

what to wear in colorado

Heels: When heading out to the restaurants or bars you may want to wear heels with your outfit. I took a pair of heeled ankle boots. The ground is not icy or snowy, therefore, you are not at risk of slipping over.

Boots: A simple pair of boots its ideal to take for any occasion. I took this pair from HM which go with any outfit.

Socks: You can never have enough socks here. Warm toastie socks for back at your chalet spares in case yours get wet, and then the usual you will need for the above footwear.

what to wear in colorado

I hope this guide helps packing stress free and easy when planning your trip to the Rocky’s!

Live and travel without the burden of worry

Balance/ Stress Free Style

Salon 64 | London

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We have all been there – rolled out of bed early, hit the alarm clock, ran out the door and as we sit having our morning coffee realize that we only put on one eye of mascara?

The out comes the phone or the awkward hand held mirror as we try to piece together a relatively normal face of make up for the day?

Well let me introduce to you SALON64!

is a brand new concept hidden in the streets of Soho. Just off Dean Street there lies a social hub for the 21st century trendsetter – a space where you can meet your friends, grab a coffee, do your make up and host a meeting… oh and did I mention have a blow dry from one of the most sought after hair styling team in London?

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

The Style Bar Soho

As you enter Salon 64 you are met by the beautiful artsy design of the salon and the Style Bar space situated at the front window where you can plug in your iPhone, relax and have a coffee and prepare for your morning meetings after your commute!

Their coffee is exquisite with their very own coffee beans roasted by Vagabond to give you that morning buzz! Also, if you are feeling a little bit like you need a sweet hit – their pure chocolate based hot chocolate is not to be missed!

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

The Bar

Next to the The Style Bar, The Bar serves a varying menu of drinks and snacks, it is the ideal place to meet friends or have a meeting.

It is designed to allow you to work on a laptop or tablet while having a creative space to chat and get your #girlboss on.

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

Blow Dry

If you’re running from work to meet your friends or heading out on an impromptu date – run on in and the team are there have got you sorted with a pampering nail treatment or quick blow dry.

Beachy, big or whatever style you need the team there are so welcoming and really helpful in giving you a few tips to keep your mane in good check.

Their gorgeous products are all organic and made in Italy. Naturally nourishing for your locks – which is definitely what we need among all the city pollution.

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new

Art of the Conversation

Toward the back of Salon 64 is the fire pit area. This is where the concept really comes alive. The fire pits offer a space for you to work, host meetings, have your hair done and even catch up with friends while you get ready for the weekend.

It is so dynamic. You will see people nibbling a croissant in the morning preparing for the day ahead. People having their hair done and catching up over the days office goss before heading out into the Big Smoke. People just sitting back and enjoying London’s latest offering.

The area can be a table, a mirror, a dressing table and somewhere to have your hair blown. I can’t quite articulate it myself – you just have to go in!


I am always looking for simple hacks to save me time and energy – and this is definitely one.

I love it for these three reasons:

  1. They serve GREAT artisan coffee

2. Ricky and the team are truly welcoming and really get you involved in the conversation! Their passion is tangible!

3. ANYONE who can give me big curls when I ask for big curls gets my seal of approval!

salon 64, cyntra, cyncity, whats new


Ricky Walters, owner of Salon 64, employs his expertise in the science of hair and beauty to direct a team of cosmetologists, ordering a number of highly specialized hair styling and colouring options as well as beauty & pampering treatments:

Creative Director/ Owner – upon consultation only (booking required)

Styling Services:

Cut & blowdry from £77.00

Blowdry from £55.00

Hair up from £70.00

Gents cut from £50.00

Colour Services:

Full head of Highlights from£185.00

Half head of Highlights from £145.00

Tint from £90.00

Nail Spa Treatments

Essential Manicure from £45.00

Essential Pedicure from £55.00

Stress Free Style

Summer In The City: White Hot!

Anyone else feeling the heat!

This Summer has blessed us with perfect weather. Radiant sunshine, fresh green parks and the calling of BBQ’s in the evenings easing us out of working days.

Style choices start to become easier as simple cotton dresses and breathable shirts start to make up the basis of every outfit.

Topshop Broderie Bardot White Cyncity Cyntra Charlesworth Blogger Style

Whether at work or play – finding your style for Summer in the City is always made easier when you have a wardrobe staple to take you from work to play.

White Hot

Nothing brings a breath of fresh coolness to any look than a clean white jumpsuit and I have found the perfect one at Topshop. This Embroidered Bardot Jumpsuit has become my go to. Gliding me from work to play with the simple change of an accessory.

Topshop Broderie Bardot White Cyncity Cyntra Charlesworth Blogger Style

No-one wants to be carrying around anything more than their handbag in this weather, which is why I have chosen to share my simple tips to style for any occasion. Take the stress out of your day and make it easy from work to play.

Here are my simple hacks to take your from work to play:

Style For Work:

Pair this Bardot broderie jumpsuit with a heeled sandal, breathable shirt and colour-pop clutch.

A pair of oversize glasses will add a hint of glam.

Style For Play:

Dress down with a trainer: any colour can work as you have the purity of the white. With a clean fresh tee and the right shades, this will be the perfect pairing. If it gets chilly bring your favourite vintage denim jacket to pull over your shoulders.

Style For Evening:

Topshop Broderie Bardot White Cyncity Cyntra Charlesworth Blogger Style

A heeled wedge or a spicy stiletto and a leather jacket will take this jumpsuit from day to date.

A flash of red lipstick and a small flick of eyeliner and you can stroll into the evening oozing with chic and style.

Topshop Broderie Bardot

Style For Festival:

Topshop Broderie Bardot

Look chic and fresh – even in the mud!

Nothing says chic like a beautiful Bardot paired with your muddy wellies. A floral headdress and the classic festival shades – marry together that summery festival vibe.

Be it Wilderness, Tomorrowland, Obanjan or Bestival – you always have to be prepared for the #BritishSummer

Topshop Broderie Bardot

This Bardot Playsuit makes the perfect addition to a capsule wardrobe as it is so versatile to suit every need your Summer throws at you!

Stress Free Style

Spring Summer Classics

 Freshen up your wardrobe this Spring/ Summer 2017

It is always daunting stepping out from under the layers and into the Sunshine. Opening up your wardrobe and discovering all the garms that have been hibernating through the cooler months.

The sun has finally crept out from the clouds it has been hiding behind and now we can start to explore and play with styles made for sunshine.levi adidas tommy hilfiger


Nothing feels more fresh than a collection of Classics to intertwine in to your daily mix.

A classic tee – such as this Tommy Hilfiger one – can breathe life into any outfit. It can be mixed with a pair of short shorts, a pleated skirt, a a-line skirt or simply paired with a pair of well fitting jeans.

When looking for a pair of jeans – choose well – because when you find the perfect pair you know. When you and your butt look great the rest just kind of works itself out! These 721 Vintage High Waist Skinnys from Levi’s definitely put a spring in my summery step.

We are spoiled with the amount of fresh sneaks on the market. Regular drops of the freshest styles in all different colours. Whether you are wearing a dress, skirt, jeans or suit – style with a clean and fresh pair of sneaks to breathe whimsy and lightness into your outfit. From work to play – life is always easier on the run in a fresh pair of kicks. These Adidas Ultra Boosts from Footlocker are the newest addition to my sneaker shelf and I cannot wait to break them in!


levis classics classic tommy hilfiger adidas cyntra cyncity

 This post was in collaboration with Footlocker EU – but all of the opinions and choices are my own x

Stress Free Style

The Handbag Essential

A simple handbag essential to keep me feeling on top till I drop

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 19.44.28

The HandBag

I don’t know about you but sometimes I feel like I become the ‘bag lady’ when I choose to add anything to my schedule other than just work. You know that person who tries to squeeze on the tube loaded with bags crashing into the other poor commuters who just wanted a easy and quiet journey.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 07.19.27

I plan my outfit to look sharp and savvy and pick out the perfect handbag and then all of sudden I realise I want to hit the gym and bring my lunch to work and all of a sudden I start looking like a donkey (an ass!) loaded with bags killing the #girlboss vibe I was after.

Until now… Enter the Gymtote… the Handbag that everyone is talking about.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 20.34.54

The perfectly designed number has a slot for your sneakers, your gym clothes and your daily essentials.

You can slide your lunch into one compartment keeping it away from your clothes. The delegate compartments mean you can keep work and play separate and not end up pulling out your sports bra in a meeting instead of your note pad!

You can mix this up for an overnight bag when staying with the mister or a change of clothes if you’re heading out after work.

Screen Shot 2016-09-06 at 20.35.24

I personally love the slick designs and it sits nicely between my other handbags without giving it away.

My favourite is the Eva: what’s yours?

Check out the story behind the bag at Gymtote.

There you have it – my top hand bag essential to keep me in #onpoint and on top!

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How to Enjoy Summer in Style

Every Summer has its own Story

And has’t that been true for our hot hot hot Summer. When we started it out from the muddy puddles of Glastonbury… We thought the tale has been told for the future of a very wet Summer… until one fine day the Sun finally came out.

The parks are filling up with bodies soaking up the sun, our wardrobes become a plethora of colours and textures to brighten up those days, BBQ becomes the go to for dinner and there is always time for a fruity cider.

The sun enables us to produce valuable vitamin D which in turn prevents us from getting seasonal affective disorders and other ailments. This means the time is now to get outside and enjoy this Summer in Style… here are my top little hacks… 

1) Hang up the boring Work clothes and embrace the day with Style

Smart Casual in hot weather is tough. With heavy fabrics and tight tailoring it can lead to people getting hot and agitated. Let go of the rules and bring out those natural cottons, flowing dresses, cami tops and crops.

We are a nation who embraces every minute of sunlight like it might be our last… so you will be forgiven for breaking the office dress code on these days. Live a little!

2) Kick out the heels and jump into those Kicks

The sun is out and it is time to get moving. The tube is a near death experience, traffic jams and being stuffy in the car! No way – get out and move. Four miles may sound a long way to work but put on your favourite kicks and get moving. You will get those early morning rays and keep your beach bod in check with the exercise.

I am drooling over my new kicks Footlocker is smashing it with styles this summer. These beautiful adidas quilted ZX Flux are stylish enough to be worn with a co-ord or summer dress meaning you can head straight from the office to the Park – BBQ – Sun Adventure without having to carry lots of bags with a change of clothes in.

3) Bring Nature in…

Flowers in every room. Brighten up your day. Go to the market after work and treat yourself to a new plant. Boost that smile every morning with the beautiful colours of nature. 

From Columbia Road to your local Florist. Pop in – find out whats local. Get the scents in and embrace the colours. If you want to order beautiful British Flowers online – check out Arena Flowers for special offers that are beautifully local to bring any room to life. or you can use wynne66708 for 25% off 😉


 Enjoy every moment…

Summer always ends with good memories