CynCity Principles


CynCity Principles

I work in the City of London. As part of keeping healthy and fit I try to do my best to make sure I keep active and all meals nutritious when I am at work.

Work is approximately 4 miles from work – so every morning I whack on those trainers and walk myself there. I could get the train, which takes approximately 8 minutes, but that would not be without sacrifice.

As many of you city dwellers will know – rush hour travelling is no picnic – it’s a squeeze, it’s aggressive, it’s dirty and it’s expensive! If you can walk do it!

The pounds (both currency and weight) you will gain and lose walking will make your butt tighter and your purse fuller! So if you can do!

As for eating at work – the world is out to get you – even more so are the convenient ready made food stores dotted around to tempt you in morning, noon and afternoon to eat the produce! STOP! I will make one plea – make your own lunch!

Here are my reasons why:

  •  Quality: You have no idea where, when and how that food was made. The ingredients, the quality of food, the extra added bits – no idea. If you make your own food you have absolute control!
  • Quantity: Pre-made food portions are ridiculous. I see people arrive back to their desks with buckets of miso soup, curries, sandwiches and all sorts of consumer foods. In all honesty at lunch you need approx 100g protein, cup of veg/salad and 1/2 cup of carbs.
  • Cost: Ever wondered where your money goes… it is easy to spend £25 a day on shop bought pre packaged food
  • Clean eating: I am a big believer in clean eating – made from scratch you can dictate what you put in your tummy.
  • Hidden Extras: Sometimes there are ingredients you wouldn’t think would be in there. For example: I once went to buy a salad but when I read the label it said it was not gluten free? salad has gluten in? I checked the label and the dressing that was already on the salad had 10g of sugar in and contained wheat flour?!

My Two Rules

If you too work a 50 hour week and don’t have time for the gym – try and follow these two little rules: If you can – WALK and if you can – Prepare your own lunch. You’ll notice the differences


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