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Made of Dough: Pop Up to Peckham

Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Abigail Charlesworth

Made of dough Cocktails inside Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Sexy B*tches Eat Pizza

Peckham’s Bellenden Road has opened its doors to a brand new pizza joint, Made of Dough. Originating from Pop Brixton, Made of Dough, have gone from strength to strength and have climbed up to claim the title of London Pizza Champions! With slick branding and sexy slogan – these boys are tantalising the taste buds of South Londoners one slice at a time.

Their Neopolitan-style pizzas are made with dough that is fermented over sixty hours, topped with carefully sourced produce and local meats from the local butcher, Flock and Herd. Carefully curated and deliciously made – this should definitely feature on your summer hit list.

Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Made of Dough: Highlights from the Menu

The doors were opened last weekend and the word about the popular pizza place is spreading fast. There may be a small queue when you arrive, but you will be seated in no time, with one of their sumptuous cocktails in hand.

The menu invites you in, with small bites, sides and dips (which are a must). The Scotch Bonnet Romesco packs a punch for those who like the spice of life, while the basil aioli is perfect for dipping the leftover crusts.

But let’s face it, we are not here to talk about dips… what we knead (gettit) to know is about the Pizza!

With over 6 to choose from… here are my personal faves!

Truffle Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity


Delicious! Hands down my fav. The Burrata is decadently creamy and melts in the mouth with its freshness. The mushrooms are flavoursome but not overpowering and marry together perfectly with the truffle oil. This is a great alternative for those who fancy a change from a traditional tomato base.

Margarita Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity


Simple – just like a pizza should be. But do not mistake its simplicity for lack of flavour. The San Marzano tomatoes intertwined with the Fior di latte is mouth watering. A light drizzle of olive oil and the finish of basil – for traditionalists – this one is for you.

Serrano Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity


The fresh wild rocket is a colourful pop to the eyes while the succulent serrano ham delivers with flavour. Not overpowering like some cured meat pizzas can be – this pizza was a crowd pleaser.

sexy bitches eat Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity

Sweet Tooth

Not usually a fan of a dessert, my bae Donna, dragged me straight towards the sweets, to indulge in the Motherf*cking Peanut Butter Shake. Note – the founders are not foul mouthed young men but this decadent dessert carved its name from its main ingredient: Jackpot Motherf*cking Peanut Butter.

And its motherf**cking good!

Cocktails inside Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity


Think dining alfresco with a hint of Soho House and a side order of chill – this is the perfect spot for friends, family or date night.

The cocktails are a must – these boys really know their stuff – with Amalfi inspired bellinis, fruity twists on Espresso Martinis and a classic favourite Aperol Spritz.

If you like your wine see if one of the founders, Ed, is in the joint – he will be able to talk you through their wine list with expertise. If you like your red – try the Chaval.

Cocktails Pizza Made of Dough Peckham Cyntra Charlesworth Cyncity


Final Thoughts

All in all – a 10/10 experience to be enjoyed by all. If you happen to be nearby at lunchtime, you can get a margarita special for just £5! Also, every Monday is half price on all bottles – #winner.

Note: If you’re gluten free – there are plenty of sides to choose from however there is no option available currently. 

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    June 15, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    Fab article! Now I want to go get a motherf*cking milkshake! Great shots too ????

    • Reply
      Cyntra Charlesworth
      June 15, 2017 at 2:41 pm

      I haven’t tried the shots but the cocktails are delicious. Hit me up when you’re in the UK and we can go for supper

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