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Weird question to ask right? But one, that in the last few months, I have been personally thinking about a lot.

Being “social’ is an interesting concept. At times, you pray for a night off, one day where you have nothing is planned in your iCal. Yet, when it happens, that all consuming FOMO descends and out comes the phone to find out what the world is up to.

Moving from London to Sydney, one of my hopes was that I would slow down. Living in the Big Smoke, I started to have to schedule nights an actively plan to have down time for my own wellness. However, temptation and my inability not to help a friend in need out, I would often break this and I was starting to burn out.

Alcohol, late nights, poor sleep, bad nutrition and no down time all add up. It starts with your morning energy, then your skin, then your body-mind-soul and worst case scenario…makes you sick.

If you feel you are heading toward this place… continue reading.

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Take time to be alone

People love being around people. It is what makes us human. However, depending on how introvert/ extrovert you are – determines how much of this you need.

Whatever you align to more, taking time to be alone is very important to charge all of your batteries.

According to Harvard Health Letter blue light from digital devices is actually zapping our natural circadium cycles by suppressing our melatonin secretions (crucial for good sleep). In some cases, “the blue light surpassed melatonin for twice as long”, which means that even when you think you are having down time – if you have your phone out, you are still preventing yourself from getting that good night’s sleep.

“the blue light surpassed melatonin for twice as long”

Leave you all your connections alone and do something which doesn’t involve technology. Cook, bath, read or paint/draw/chill.

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Say no, it doesn’t make you an asshole!

It really doesn’t. In fact, it sometimes makes your presence at the next event more poignant at the next event. Kick FOMO (fear of missing out) to the curb and welcome in JOMO (joy of missing out) in your routine.

Practise reinforcing your power to say No.

People respect you when you are true to yourself and when you come willing, fresh and ready to bring energy to the next social event you head to.

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Limit Alcohol

Alcohol – no matter how much ‘you can handle it’ – messes with your sleep, you inhibitions/ anxieties, body’s ability to function and costs a ton.

This is a real pot calling kettle black moment but something I too am practising. 

People who stimulate you mentally, don’t need an extra push of alcohol to have fun. Try it. You never know you may enjoy it.

And, the benefits in how you look, feel and save all add up over time.

“Most alcohol is packed full of calories and will slow your metabolism”.

According to Dr Zac Turner, “Most alcohol is packed full of calories and will slow your metabolism”. If you are constantly socialising, drinking every day, sooner or later these calories will add up and start to affect the way you look and feel.

For those of us who are shy/ social anxiety, trust me, when you reframe the situation and try doing activities which usually require booze, you may actually shock yourself into how much inner confidence you have when you start being present in your own self confidence rather than relying on that provided by alcohol. 

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Set yourself micro-social goals

Don’t say to yourself ‘I’m not going to drink again’ or ‘I am doing a dry month’ if these are not realistic to you.

Starting a new habit means repeating the same behaviour until it becomes part of your natural routine.

2 nights out a week

2 nights drinking a week

3 nights scheduled nights in

Whatever it is you need – plan ahead and log it down.

Cyntra, cyncity, Cyntra in the city, stress free blogger, stress free lifestyle

You aren’t alone

As I sit here writing this, having a slight ‘you go girl’ attitude, I do actually have to face the reality I need to practise what I preach. 

In a world where being BUSY is a power sign, having a social media feed full of fun activities increases your following and being a socialite is respected…take a step back and actually reflect what any of those actually mean to your life. In the grand scheme of it… if you’re getting out of bed feel like crap, looking like crap and getting sick. Ask yourself honestly… “Is you social life making you sick”.

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