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5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating

Stress-Free Lifestyle Tips

You’re sat at your desk and all of a sudden your inbox is full to the brim, that colleague of yours is constantly asking questions, your boss is putting pressure on you… not to mention all the washing, chores and other odds and sods waiting for you at home.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating


You thought this week would be the week you start eating healthy and ditching the crap. You’ve realised you skipped breakfast for the caramel latte and all of a sudden its 11 am and you’re stressed, hungry and about 10 seconds from hitting the vending machine!


Here are some top tips of how to stop emotional and mindless eating at work.

Say “No” and Supply Alternative

Stop yourself.

Pause and say to yourself – will this sugary sensation help?

Will it get me closer to getting my jeans to feel comfortable?

Will it make my day less stressful?

Saying no means sometimes eating what you know will make you happy later on even when you really want chocolate cake now. 

Fill your bag and desk full of healthy alternatives. Pull out those carrot sticks and homemade hummus.

Go and get a glass of water or make a cup of tea. Get up and go for a walk. Distract that pang and focus on what will truly make you happy.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating

Healthy office snacks

Chocolate Won’t Make Stress Go Away

The sweet sensation of sucking on a piece of chocolate may make you have a few minutes of taste but this will be followed by a sugar rush.

You will have a brief period of increased energy followed by a severe low.

You may even go through the guilt cycle of “I shouldn’t have had that” “I was supposed to have a healthy week” etc etc.

Sugar is never the answer to a stressful situation – in fact, it can make it a thousand times worse.

Find out what is triggering your stress at that moment. Pause. Take 5 minutes to deal with it. Acknowledge the want for the chocolate and then let it go.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating


Don’t want to eat like a rabbit? Then don’t!

Unless you love salad, in which case, crack on, however, if you’re like the majority of the human race, we associate eating lettuce leaves with “being on a diet” and that automatically makes you feel restricted.

Instead, fill your lunchbox with some delicious whole food recipes. Try new things. Find out what you like and try out something off the wall. Get some new recipe books in and have a research.

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating


Love Your Body Its The Only One You’ve Got

Right now is your prime! This second is the youngest you will remember.

You will look back at photos and look at this time and wish you still had that youth. When mindlessly eating or feeling stressed out and grazing… think about the future.


You are what you eat and you will want your body to be full of the most nourishing foods out there.

Think skin: avocados

Think hair: coconut

Think body: lean protein and these triggers will guide you

Think Cellulite… yes vending machine I am looking at you!

Pip N NutGet Support From Your Friends

Making the right choices can sometimes be hard if people around you are not making the same choices. Share with a friend.

Make yourself accountable to someone at work… someone who can stop you mindlessly reaching for the 3 pm biscuit tin, or when you’re out for coffee saying the no-way to the Hazelnut Latte!

5 Ways To Stop Mindless & Emotional Eating

Beetroot Hummus

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Stress Free Lifestyle

Is Massage Good For You?


This week I have been thinking a lot about massage. Not the cheeky ones you pinch off your other half – I mean the sports, Thai and deep tissue offered around. Most of us have had a massage at some point in our lives – usually as a treat at a spa weekend or when we manage to coerce our partners into giving us a little back rub but have you ever considered the benefits of this little treat?

Why is massage good for you?

Research suggests that regular massages are actually very important to our bodies. They help relieve stress, aid with inflammation and can actively help promote health and well-being.

Our poor little backs take on so much pressure from our day to day lives. We rarely get the opportunity to look after our back because we cannot reach it ourselves. Unlike the rest of our body, we cannot reach all areas of our back which consist of some of the biggest muscles in the body.

 So let’s have a look at what regular massage can do for our bodies…

  • Back Ache – Regular massage can help with rehabilitating back problems. Sitting at a desk all day and using computers puts a strain on our neck and shoulders. Many of us do not sit correctly at a desk and do not get the opportunity to move around. This can lead to poor posture and muscle strain. Regular massage can release the muscles that become tight over time. This makes you feel less tired and relieve the aches that you may be feeling on a day to day basis


  • Stress and anxiety – For the same reasons that a massage is relaxing, it can also soothe anxiety and depression. Massage reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol, resulting in lifted spirits and often lower blood pressure. It can also boost the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine, which are involved in depression.

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Is Massage Good For You?

  • Weight-loss and Performance – Spending time in the gym lifting weights and doing HIIT can often lead to fatigue and muscle ache. When you have muscle ache your performance in the gym goes down by about 40%. Regular massage and sports massage can relieve muscle tension and elongate the tight muscles. This then allows you to push harder, faster and stronger in the gym and stay committed to your goals

Is Massage Good For You?

  • Sleep – For those who have had a massage – ever fallen asleep while on the table? Research suggests that massage promotes deeper sleep as it has an impact on your delta waves (the waves associated with a deep sleep)


  • Immunity and lymphatic drainage – Regular massage helps with lymphatic drainage. The lymph system carries waste products away from the tissues in the muscles and body back to the heart. Regular massage also helps with the build up of toxins in certain muscles in the body and breaks these toxins down in order that they can flush out of the system. It’s also great if you have PMT!

Massage should be a regular occurrence in our lives – much like getting a facial!

However, if you are like and are thinking – I don’t have the time or money to find a good massage place near me. Or you may be worried about having a wonderful massage and then having to commute home – adding more stress to your day… well I have a little treat for you…

Let me introduce to you Urban Massage

Urban Massage is London’s top-rated mobile massage company. They deliver a range of professional massages on-demand, direct to your home and the best news is that they can be with you within the hour. You can choose your preferred treatment and therapist as well as treatment length, date and time.

What else is also great… you can get £20 off your first massage using this code: 


I’ve been using this company a long time and I absolutely love them. They are a small company in London made up of a really cool team. They go above and beyond for customer satisfaction and will make you feel comfortable in any surrounding.

Free those muscles release your back and love your body. Make massage a regular part of your health and well-being. When work is taking it out of you, you need to take time out for yourself.

Happy Massaging.

Stress Free Lifestyle

Top tips for a stress-free happy lifestyle


it is a doing word

Remaining positive and happy on a day to day basis may be tough. There are so many things that can impact your state of mind from stress, relationships, friendships, work, life goals, health, and the unknown.

Each day when you wake up you need to make a conscious decision to frame your day…even if sometimes you just want the world to swallow you up and just hide from it all.

These are some of my daily habits to keep a stress-free happy lifestyle, even when the going gets tough.

Stree free lifestyle blogger happy anxiety


I don’t know about you but I can really connect with songs. They can change my perspective, move my soul and put a smile or tear on my face.  Certain genres really resonate with my moods.

Some songs I listen to when I am overwhelmed to put into perspective life and calm my nerves.

Find your playlist, sit back and relax. Leave the stress of the day and indulge in the sounds.

Take time in your day to commit to a stress-free happy lifestyle.


Endorphins are my drug. When life is bringing me down – exercise can bring me up.

A quick HIIT session or a power walk really helps adjust my frame of mind. If something is bothering me instead of wasting my energy on stressing about that situation I try to expend that energy by releasing some endorphins.

Exercise is a powerful tool when de-stressing and remaining calm – so if you ever feel yourself in a stressful situation… remove yourself, go for a walk and a run and re-visit when you are in a calmer frame of mind.

footlocker puma stress free blogger

As a serial over-thinker: when you have no energy left – you have no more energy to worry.

Learn to let go.


I am my toughest critic. I am a people pleaser. I put those around me first. I overthink.

But sometimes I just feel like a failure. 

These low points are the times when positive affirmations come into play.

The negative inner voice dwells in all of us. The one that tells you-you’re not good enough, the one that says you’re failing, you’re not good enough, everyone is doing better than you… its all personal to each person but we all have one.

Practise your affirmations:

You are unique
You are worth it
You are blessed to be alive
You deserve to be happy
Believe in fate – it will take you to your destiny

You will have affirmations which resonate with you but remember them. Put them on your phone. Read them when the inner voice comes.

beautiful quote flowers cyncity


Sometimes in life, you find yourself spending all your energy doing things for other people.

This could be for work, relationships, friends, family, housework etc.

Take time to reconnect with what makes you happy. This could be pouring yourself a gorgeous cup of Pukka Serene Tea while reading the latest edition of Vogue. This could be shopping while listening to your favourite tunes, Baking, Walking, Seeing Friends, Brunching, Painting… you name it – if it makes you happy take time to do it.

Clear your diary, get up early and have a date with you. At the end of the day, you are the only person who can make you happy. Anything else is just a bonus.

breakfast happy cyncity cyntra

Keeping positive is something you need to work at

I know it may seem that everyone does has a stress-free happy lifestyle naturally (especially with Instagram and facebook capturing the best moments of people’s lives)

Ups and downs are natural it’s just how we deal with them that changes our perspective.

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Stress Free Lifestyle

What To Do When You Feel Anxious

Let’s face it – anxiety is a b*tch!

Well, that feeling of being ‘antsy’ or anxious.

We have all been there when that feeling sets in. Just lurking in the background. Niggling in your bones. Making your heart feel like it isn’t beating properly. The worst part of it all is I know a good night’s sleep would usually deal with the problem. But when you’re anxious – you wake up at 4 am and for some reason believe that is the right time to address your life issues.

As I said, I am no doctor, I can only speak from my experience.

I hope my little go-to’s, for dealing with what is quite frankly a sh**ty feeling, can offer a little support and advice.

Dealing with anxiety Sleep Cyncity Cyntra anxious


Yes, I know – sometimes the toughest days are just dealt with by a good nights sleep.

However, if you are like me, and find yourself waking up in the middle of the night and over-analysing everything, then a bed time ritual is in order.

  1. Make that bed – fluff those pillows – and make sure your bed is your boudoir ready to swallow you up whole
  2. Skip the carbs before bed. Have a protein filled dinner. Protein is brain food and soul food. Carbs are energy food and when you need to calm its best to stick to less.
  3. Essential Oils – get a room diffuser. I use this Room Diffuser it’s amazing. Then find the perfect blend of essential oils. Radha Essential Oil Blends Set has a different infusion for different moods. Play around see what suits you.
  4. Turn your phone off. Read a book. I find this is a solid way to settle into a good snooze.

If you do wake up in the night – do not worry – this can cause more anxious thoughts. Get up and have a glass of water. Pick up your book and have another read. DO NOT LIE IN BED AND OVER ANALYSE LIFE.

If you still cannot sleep then just accept its an early morning. Some of the best mornings I have had have started at 4 am – followed by a morning yoga session – a good breakfast and a head start on the day.

Dealing with anxiety Sleep Cyncity Cyntra anxious

Don’t Be Needy Of Loved Ones

When you feel anxious one of the things you would think is obvious is to reach out to your date/ other half/ partner. From my experience – don’t.

Yes from time to time it’s nice to get assurance from your loved one. However, if you do not get the response you want – it can spiral you even further in your antsy mood or even worse you take it out on them.

The only person you need assurance from is you. Get a pen and pad out and write down all the things you feel you are smashing at life. Then write down what is making you feel anxious. Then strategically look at if it is something you can fix and if you can’t – that’s ok. If you truly cannot fix it – why worry about it. It’s the logical answer to an illogical feeling.

But that is all it is – a feeling – it will pass.

dealing with anxiety brunch with friends anxious

Be Needy Of Friends

Haha, yes that is what they are there for. To put the world right over a glass of wine and listen to your crazies, make you laugh, enjoy some great food and know no matter what they are always going to be there.

Some of my friends have shared some of their inner most thoughts with me – and to be honest if I shared half of what I heard – we would think this world is full of psychopaths… and those are just my guy friends!

No, I jest but reach out to your inner circle. That is what they are there for and they will love you even more for your vulnerability.

Dance, sing, laugh, bbq, eat, watch movies or just engage in a good old catch.

It is incredible what your nearest and dearest can do for your soul.

YOU time

Do what YOU love. Whether that is smashing a gym session, going for a walk, having a facial, eating take away in front of a crappy movie or going shopping – just do it!

Sometimes a little bit of self-love and hanging out with the only person who has always got your back – YOU.

Go on indulge – take your mind off it and just enjoy yourself.

yoga fabletics cyntra cyncity

Getting Help

As I said I am no Doctor and when I refer to anxiety I am not referring to the condition just the state of feeling anxious. If you are seriously struggling or it goes on for more than a week – please make sure you speak to someone.

Stress Free Lifestyle

How to Deal With A Difficult Conversation

Difficult Conversations

… have to happen in life.

It’s not nice and most people feel very uncomfortable to be in that kind of difficult situation BUT leaving them to bubble or sweeping them under the carpet can lead to passive aggressive behaviour – which we all know is not good for our health.

Many people often shy away from these conversations which can often reinforce the behaviour of the negative party – rather than nipping it in the bud on the first occurrence.

Here are my top tips for dealing with difficult conversations:

1) It’s hard as you need to have your say but you do not know how to say it

Often sitting with a friend and going over what you want to say can often help you articulate what you want to get across.

One of the things I often do is write bullet points of what I want to discuss and cover in the conversation. If it does escalate or go off tangent I am then able to look back and check that what I needed to express has been covered.

it reinforces my confidence and strength especially if the other person is dominant and/or aggressive.

difficult conversations

2) Do not belittle the point by making it smaller than it is

This is a very British thing to do.

If it has got to the point that you need to raise to another person it is not something that is small.

Many people instantly go to making a joke or belittling their point at the first sign of confrontation which leaves the other person questioning what point you had to raise in the first place.

Be firm and be calm and work out the issues till both parties have a mutual understanding.

3) Keep it objective: Unless it is a personal attack do not make it personal

This is very important. Do not take things personally. If it is Work – keep it professional.

If someone is not pulling their weight, taking credit for your work or doing something within the professional realm that is not ok – address as you would any other business meeting.

Address the point – articulate how it impacts your work – express how you would like to move forward and then leave it at that.

difficult conversations

4) Find the outcome you want and work backwards

When going into difficult conversations most people forget what they want the outcome to be. I find if you work out what you want the outcome to be you can then start to look at the journey to get there.

If you do not know the outcome then the conversations will not have a definitive end.

5) Be open to the other person’s point of view

This is a conversation, not a dictation – therefore remember there are always two sides to every outcome and be prepared to meet in the middle to move forward.

To mutually agree a way of dealing with any difficulty situation will always be the best solution.


As I said, no one likes to have a tough conversation, but you will be far more respected by being open in your communication and setting boundaries.


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Top Secrets to an Effortless Weekend

After a hard week in the office it is a blessing to get to the weekend. Two days and three nights that are yours to do with as you wish. However, do you ever feel when monday has come around that you haven’t had a weekend? That you haven’t caught up on sleep and in fact you’re more tired than you were last friday?

Many of us are guilty of filling our weekend to the brim with high expectations to pack in as much as possible into the valuable free time we have. Drinks here, cooking there, late nights, lie ins, eating out, food shopping, running around town and we get to Sunday evening and feel exhausted!

Its time to take your weekend back and follow these simple life hacks to make your weekend as effortless as possible.

Get Organised

Finding your room in a state, all your letters un-opened, none of your washing done and your house un-tidy is not a nice way to start the weekend. Often than not you will leave these tasks to Sunday – the ultimate day of rest – and then you will find yourself rushing around to get this done before the week begins.

Stop. Get organised.

Set yourself 45 minutes each day of the week to put a wash on, order that food shop online, tidy a room (or book a cleaner) and change your bedding to free up more time on the weekend. Washing can take hours if left to pile up so do a bit each day to make sure you are on top of this by the weekend. A clean and tidy environment enables you to truly relax and put those feet up for a rest!

Outsource your Breakfast

Its the weekend! You have spent the week making breakfast, packing those lunches and cooking meals its time to treat yourself. Get out the house and meet friends for brunch. Take your loved one out or your housemate and let someone else do all the hard work.

Brunch is great as it means you can have a few hours extra in bed and effectively cram two meals in one! Saving money and saving time. Breakfast and brunch food is great too! There is nothing like sinking your teeth into Eggs Florentine, Chorizo on Avo Toast or getting continental with a Crepe.

All of these when attempted at home can sometimes lead to a disaster, mess and effort. Why not whatsapp a few friends and check out these amazing and reasonable brunch places this weekend and sit back and let it be done for you.

Cafe Fleur: Nestled in Wandsworth this beautiful cafe is the perfect stop. The owner is delightful and the food is abundant. Take a short walk to Wandsworth Common to walk it off or head to Putney for some shopping after brunch.
Recommend: Avo Toast with Chorizo and Poached Eggs!

La Petite Bretagne: New and situated a short walk from Clapham Common this beautiful french crêperie delights the senses with their Gluten Free and Wheat Free Crepes. Coming in both Savoury and Sweet there is a crepe to suit everyones taste. Nearby you have the big open space of Clapham Common to rest and walk and lap (if there is any) some rays on sunshine while you digest.
Recommend: Paimpol with a side of the SuperSalad

Sleep and Rest

FOMO (fear of missing out) can play a huge part in exhaustion.

Long gone are the weekends of empty days. These days your weekend diary seems to mimic your work diary but instead of calls and meetings its: Parties here, bbq’s there, Weddings, Hen Doos, House Warming, Festivals and Birthdays.

Sometimes you have to take your time back. Yes you may miss the odd sausage or glass of vino but sometimes R&R is just what you need.

Have a bath, Read a Book, Catch up on whatever is your current Netflix fix and slip into those pyjamas and get that nine hours of un-disturbed sleep that will give you the energy boost you deserve.

Visit markets

Towns and cities have a wealth of different markets open on the weekend. From antiques, car boots, thrifts stores food and wine and cheese there is a market for everyone.

Markets are great as you can ignite your senses, try new things, sample lots of treats and often come home tired from all the walking and with a bag full of treats to sample that evening.

Rarely there are stressful queues like in Supermarkets. You get to try before you by and is a fun day out for all. It is an excellent way of trying new brands you may have never seen in the shops and means you can do your part to support the independent shops of your area.

There are so many to choose from… check out your local community blog or paper to find out whats on. Where I live in South London we are privileged with so many to choose from: Brixton Markets, Clapham Market, Herne Hill, Lordship Lane, Peckham and beyond!

Check it out and make a day of strolling around and getting out of the house without busting the purse strings or getting stressed in crowds.

Boost your health

Running around in the week sometimes by the weekend your health has taken a battering. Work dinners out on, late meetings fuelled by coffee and sugary snacks when running from call to meeting can really make you feel rubbish.

Start the weekend by investing some time in you. Get those healthy proteins, fruits and veggies loaded up in order that you fuelled up for that week ahead.

I know Green Smoothies really do get a lot of jip but they really are great for you. Loaded with all things green (which sometimes we neglect) can really boost those vitamin levels.

My Favourite Recipe:
Lean Protein (Neat Nutrition)
Coconut Water (Jax Coco)

Blend together with a ton of ice and it tastes magnificent. Perfect if you need something to tide you over before brunch!

These are my secrets to an effortless weekend… what are yours? Would love to hear your hacks for a stress free weekend which re-balances you ready for work.

Stress Free Lifestyle

Best exercises for stress management


Everyday stresses can really wear you down. When the office seems to be getting on top of you and the work-load seems to be ever growing it can be hard to let go and separate home from work. Part of having a work-life balance is learning techniques to know when to turn off you work head from your home head. This can be difficult if there is not a natural break between leaving work and getting home.


Exercise is often the best cure when your day has stressed you out. An after work gym session could be the best break you could have between leaving the office and getting home. Most people need to digest and sometimes take the stress of their day out which if you keep bottled up could lead to you having a stressful home environment. No-one enjoys having their head bitten off when they ask “how was your day”.

workout, stress management, stress relief


Pilates is a great form of exercise to Centre, Concentrate and Connect with yourself while using up that negative energy to burn calories. Pilates is similar to yoga but emphasizes your body’s core. It strengthens the abdomen, obliques, lower back, inner and outer thigh, butt which is great if you have a desk job as it helps support your posture.

Pilates develops strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, coordination, balance, and good posture — with a much lower chance of injury than with other forms of exercise. The discipline emphasizes correct form instead of going for the burn. Which means even if you are absolutely shattered after a hard day you may be able to find enough energy to re-connect before heading home.

peace, tranquility, view, france, stress


There are a few types of Pilates you can try: Reformer, Hot and Mat.

Reformer: Is great for those who prefer more resistance as the reformer machine allows you to add weights to certain moves. Allowing you to get all the benefits while challenging yourself more. Try Fitness Fusions in Clapham for a challenging Reformer for FREE for your first time or for an all over body changer FRAME Pilates Package.

Hot: Like Bikram Yoga this refreshing way of doing pilates gives you the buzz and energy that you get from hot classes. Challenging and helps achieve the feeling of sweating out the stress. Try HotPodYoga for a sense enlightening session at one of their venues across London.

Mat: Best option for beginners or those who want clarity. You will strengthen your core while improving your posture. Search for your local pilates class to find the right match for you.


Wear something reasonably fitting which allows you to move while not restricting you with extra clothing. Leggings from Lululemon or Fabletics are perfect to give you good fitting as well as stylish choices. If you want to rock both style, stretch and ultimate chic then check out the new collaboration between Bodyism x Charlotte Olympia.


Pilates doesn’t require as many calories as other activities such as running therefore you do not need to load up after a session. Re-hydrate well as continue with your Supper as you would normally. For an added boost of clarity and de-stress I often have a Pukka Tea from either the Matcha Range (if i do a morning pilates) or Turmeric to soothe and benefit from anti-inflammatory properties from any stresses from work

Stress Free Lifestyle

Using your Senses to relieve Stress: Clarified Designs

Life is full of stress. From the moment we wake up BOOM goes our alarm we are on edge throughout the day. If you live in a city you have to deal with noise, traffic, people, coffee, work, meetings, exercise, emails, telephone calls… the list goes on.

Finding daily ways to calm yourself to keep stress at bay is imperative to make sure you keep balanced. Having an internal toolkit to help you bring your levels back to Zen is key to remaining calm in all situations.

Your senses are key to calmness and clarity. Think about when you visit home and the smell of your mum – that relaxation it sends through you. When you taste that herb that takes you back to when you first tried it. The feeling of your favourite sweater soft against your skin. Your senses can transport you to a place of calm and it is this technique that I want to share with you today.


I recently received my beautiful blend from Clarified Designs. An elixir of essential oils in a beautiful necklace to help balance me out. The smell is divine and provides the reminder to take a few minutes in stressful times to stop and effectively smell the flowers.

I wanted to find out more about this wonderful company so I got in contact with their founders to find out more about this inspiring idea.

When was Clarified Designs Founded?

Clarified Designs was founded in our (Rachel and Francesca) joint household in Brisbane August 2015

What was the inspiration behind its creation?

Rachel first introduced me (Francesca) to essential oils in 2014 when we met.

It was about September 2015, where I started becoming more aware of the spiritual and magical properties of the oils while reading at work. (Francesca)

I came home to Rachel explaining how the vibration of oils worked just like crystals, except we could interact with them on a different level (smell) which made them so much more present and permeating to me. I told her how wonderful it would be to wear the oils all day! She had tiny little bottles in her room which she had bought at a craft store a few weeks ago because she thought they were cute!

Coincidence or alignment?

From there the idea was born, we started wearing necklaces and all our friends and family around us wanted to wear them as well!

What attracted you to essential oils?

For both of us it is definitely the luxury of smelling such a potent plant oil. I felt instantly better when I smelt the right oils, and I think on a soul level, I always knew how magical they were.

Essential oils are such a gentle and instantaneous way to soothe your soul, mind and emotions, let alone all their physical benefits as well

Which oil is your favourite?

Francesca: Rose, because I feel she is the queen of all essential oils. She balances a woman’s entire reproductive system, soothes her heart, and instils her with passion, love, patience and elegance.

Rachel: Geranium, because it is extremely balancing and smells floral and herbaceous at the same time.

Internally it calms me down and allows me to embrace everything with positivity.

How important are essential oils for young women in stressful jobs? 

We would say that essential oils have a lot to bring women in stressful jobs.

Not only can they calm the central nervous system, they can help a young woman come to understand her true nature, desires and life purpose.

They will fuel her fire, increase drive, motivation and desire to attain fulfilment.

What blend would you recommend for those trying to balance work stress and life stress?

We could recommend our Shakti blend
This is designed to balance all energies in our body.

Including masculine/feminine energies, hormonal system, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. The Shakti blend calls on the divine masculine and feminine to achieve balance within the body. If you are feeling stagnant or lacking direction the vibrational qualities of the oils in this blend will attract inspiration, movement and energy to you. This blend will help your body listen to its own truth, for without balance we are unable to live to our full potential.

The blend includes the Certified Organic Oils of Atlas Cedarwood, Cypress, Eucalyptus, Geranium and Clary Sage.

It has an incredibly refreshing scent likened to the natural scents of the forest and the earth. Balance yourself with this blend to achieve holistic equilibrium.


What advice would you give to people new to essential oils?

First of all it would be to follow your nose.

Head into a trusted aromatherapy company and let your nose lead you to your very first essential oil or blend.

Next step would be to read about how that oil and blend affects you to see if it correlates with what you need in your life.

Letting your intuition guide you to oils can be an amazing experience.

Essential oils are an excellent and non-invasive way of treating physical symptoms, altering your mood and lifting your spirits.

Head on over to their Clarified Designs for any questions you may have about their blends. They now ship across the world so you can order your own personalised blend to bring some balance into your day to day lives.

I keep mine loose around my neck in order that I can bring it out and Zen whenever the weight of the world gets too much. Cute, simple and effective.


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Stress Management: Walking Meditation


Stress and stress management is important.

Hands up whose feeling a little stressed out? Mind is racing, to do list is growing, have that cold or ache that won’t go away! These things can really get you down.

The reality is people are becoming more and more stressed. This could be down to a number of factors: Work, Diet, Lifestyle or imbalances in our bodies which are creating symptoms that are bringing us down.

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 4  6

Stress can take many forms:

From mental stress such as: memory problems, inability to concentrate, anxious or racing thoughts, irritability or short temper, feeling overwhelmed

To physical stress such as: Aches and pains, stomach problems, nausea, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, eating more or less, sleeping too much or too little, procrastinating , using alcohol, cigarettes, or drugs to relax

We all have our own ways of dealing with stress but sometimes it can get the better of us and that is when you need to put the steps in to take care of yourself.

Our lives will always be stressful so creating your personal toolkit to deal with it is important.

You may go online and google help and hear people talking about meditation (which instantly makes you think of someone sitting cross legged in harem pants saying “om”) and think…its not for me.

Ever thought of Meditative Walking?


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14  16

There is such beauty watching the sunrise.

Rising with the sun and walking; finding the time to breathe, get in the zone and re-connect helps me to re-establish where I am right now in the world.

I have never been one to sit still and “om” and I find that walking helps me achieve the inner peace needed to meditate when the world seems a little heavy on my shoulders.

Rising with the light, getting some fresh air, exercise and stillness in this busy world can really change your outlook for the day.

Even in the busy cities you can find solace in the morning ours.


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Meditative walking allows you to have some time on your own, moving the blood around your body and taking in the world.

The movement can distract you from thoughts and take your mind into being consciously active.

Stress can creep up at any time – therefore establishing a form of relaxation while physically removing yourself from the situation can allow you take some time out and bring the zen back into your world.

If you are trying meditation out for the first time this could be the way to start. Here are my tips to getting the best out of your walk.

1) Start by breathing: Long breaths through your nose and out through your mouth
2) Silence: Try and do this without music and take in your surroundings
3) Peaceful: Try your best to go somewhere away from the hustle and bustle
4) Time: Don’t rush – set yourself a time in the day to do this
5) Mindful: Listen to your thoughts. how do you feel?

You are never alone in this world when you are stressed and never be embarrassed to reach out to those around you when you feel yourself being overwhelmed. You may not know you’re stressed and just feel like something is just wrong (akin to “i just don’t feel like me”).

With the right management and personal toolkit you will find the perfect way to tackle your worlds stressed your way.

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